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Redundancy Case Study



Finding your business in a redundancy situation can be stressful, and the possibility of ruined staff relationships, lengthy time constraints of holding all the legally required meetings, notices and administration can be daunting.

Key points:

Man and woman sitting side by side looking concerned at a piece of paper

What happened?

The Client was a small company with 25 employees who had all been with the Company through their growth, therefore, there was a ‘family feel’ in the workplace. The Client did not feel comfortable conducting the redundancy procedure for two reasons:

  • The Client feared the employees would take the redundancy too personally due to the workplace culture;
  • The Client had never been through a redundancy procedure and therefore, did not feel comfortable doing it themselves.

Our solution

Crossley HR chaired all the redundancy meetings on behalf of the Client. We also drafted all the required communication and letters.

This gave the Client access to HR expertise that was not available internally and due to being impartial, the selection for redundancy was completed in a fair way.

The result

We ensured that the Client met their obligations with regard to redundancy, the correct procedure was followed and employees’ rights were considered. This resulted in the redundancy procedure being handled carefully, and ensured it was a fair procedure, whilst mitigating the potential for risks and claims.