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Appraisal Case Study



Appraisals and performance reviews are the foundation of any business, giving your employee the opportunity to identify any progress requirements as well as opening the discussion for you to look at pay reviews, promotions and past work performance.

Key points:

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What happened?

The Client wanted to introduce 6 monthly appraisals to boost employee motivation and enhance job performance, however, they had no experience of introducing or managing an appraisal scheme and therefore, wanted our assistance with this.

Our solution

We drafted an appraisal scheme pack which included:

  • Guidance notes for the managers;
  • A self-appraisal form for the employees;
  • An appraisal report sheet for use at the appraisals; and
  • An action plan.

We also attended the appraisal meetings and provided support to the chairing managers. 

The result

The appraisal scheme was introduced successfully with both managers and employees understanding the process and objectives. The managers felt supported at the meetings and were given feedback on how they appraised their employees.
Ultimately, the business saw an improvement in communication between employees and their managers and employee performance and development.
Staff retention went up, recruitment went down and there were savings made.